What can you create from coming home early?



I decided in the months that came later to turn my grief into an appetite for art. We are told, “...feast upon the word...”. And while the Book of Mormon has no calories, I have felt soothed making black out poems from it’s pages nonetheless.







Since coming home early I have been able to work on recording an album of songs with my dear friend who has composed the following songs. I have loved the opportunity to sing and internalize these lyrics.


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v. 1 I wish I had a record of the good things I have done. My help and service to my friends, just little deeds each one. Then I might have the courage to continue at my best. That I might with integrity complete this mortal test. Endure this test.

v. 2 I wish I could erase my thoughts of sins from long ago. The mem'ries of the way I lived so often overflow. When I withheld what I could give to friends and family. And all I did was meant to benefit a selfish me. No one but me.

v. 3 If I could keep a vision of the goodness of my soul. A child of a Heavenly King a spirit pure and whole. And then when things got rough and I was tempted to give in. I'd know so clearly who I was, I'd just reject the sin. Avoid the sin.

v.4 The Savior's gift upon the cross can free us from our sins. Replace our faults and failings and our weaknesses within. With strength of purpose flowing from just knowing who we are. If we would exercise faith in that power from afar. We'd go so far.

v.5 The scriptures tell us Kolob is a world of fire and glass. Where God can see our history, the present and the past. But best of all that crystal ball shows what we will become. The choices made along the way add to one eternal sum. A final outcome. 

v.6 And then we'll have a record of the good things we have done. With all our sins erased through the Atonement of God's Son. And with that record handy we will never go astray. A white stone is our crystal ball to keep us in the way. A holy way.

All music and lyrics are copyright Susan Carey. Any reproduction or download without written consent is prohibited. 

What have you been able to create. If you or someone you know is interested in sharing what they have created, please email us at

Routines or activities that have helped you adjust to being home. 

Temple trips with the grandmas in the ward, then we would all get lunch. It made me feel normal when I was at my lowest.

-Sister, Texas, San Antonio Mission

Working in the temple, finding opportunities for simple acts of service in my day. 

-Sister, Belgium/Netherlands Mission

I got a job quickly to keep myself busy, signed up for school, maintained daily prayer and scripture study, exercise, and surrounding myself with good people.

-Elder, Korea Daejeon Mission