Texas, Houston South Mission


Hey y’all! A year ago, I left to serve in the Texas, Houston South mission speaking Spanish! I had to return home early due to medical issues. The way I got sick is a long story. In short, I was traveling right before my mission, contracted parasites abroad, got rid of them and then went on my merry way to the MTC. Going into it, my stomach was still healing from the damage the parasites had done, so I was sensitive to food. What we didn’t know was that the recovery had developed into a severe case of IBS. As I served, I grew sicker and sicker which meant stabbing pains, constant nausea and fatigue.

Four days before I got to the field, I woke up at 2 AM, shaking, bloated and in the worst pain of my life, like my stomach was imploding from the inside out. I remember stumbling out of bed and praying like I never had before. After that night and hours of praying for relief, I knew there was no doubt I would come home way earlier than expected. -So, I said another prayer to Heavenly Father; I would serve for as long as he would let me.

Once in the field, I was reading about the sons of Mosiah and the horrible trials they endured. Inspired by their amazing attitudes, I highlighted the entire passage, swearing I would do my best too. That’s when the words, “it’s time for you to go home,” came into my head. I tried to fight them, but there was no peace till I told my companion and realized it was finally time. A few quick calls commenced and four days later I came home. Six days later, I returned to school as I’d felt impressed to do so. It’s been difficult, but I’ve seen countless miracles throughout it! I’m even recovering!

If there’s one thing I can impress upon you, it’s that God knew exactly what he was doing when he called you on a mission and he knew exactly what would happen. It’s sad and scary to come home when you don’t expect to, but God hasn’t left you for a single moment. This is His plan that we’re living, and the secret is, you’re still on a mission. Your mission is here now and there are still people around you who need your example and light in their life.