Advice for Family and Friends

Here is some advice and perspectives to have towards early return missionaries.

Initial Focus

1. Life can change quickly

2. Valuing the Decision to Serve

3. Separating cultural from doctrine


Important Things to Move Forward

1. Understanding the Temple

2. Family and ward family support

3. Time management and a calling

Let them know who they are. If they know their identity and purpose, they can move forward. 

Below is Advice from Early Return Missionaries

Help them learn that God wouldn't have them in a particular situation unless he needed them. Have them talk to you about all the wonderful mission experiences they encountered and how they were able to strengthen their testimony. Help them feel loved and important.

Don't focus on their return to the mission field, or else they will feel like your support and love is conditional upon their return. They're scared and their world has just been turned upside down. They need time to process, heal, and pray to gain an understanding of what's going on and what the Lord wants them to do next. So focus on loving them, because they need your love and support, not your pressure.

Let them talk to you if they need it. Yes, check-in with them every once in a while. They are still trying to process returning early.


Most importantly, show love. Don't ask if they are going back, let the spirit and Lord guide them to what they need to do.