What can we do?

Elizabeth Patterson

March 29, 2020


What can we do when it seems that the world is falling apart around us? What can we do when our missions are cut short or reassigned or seemingly ground to a halt? What can we do when our friends and family are struggling? What can we do? 


We can’t change what has happened these past few weeks. We can’t change all that is happening in the world sphere. We can’t change others. 


We can have faith. Faith doesn’t mean that if we just wish and ask long enough we are going to get our way, that things are just going to go back to normal. Faith is light, faith is trust, not in ourselves but in our Savior. 


We can pray. We can fall to our knees and pour out our hearts and souls to our Loving Heavenly Father who knows us perfectly. Then we can get back up armed with spiritual power to face the next opportunity of the day. 

We can connect to Heavenly Father. Even though the temples are temporarily closed, we can find ways to be in nature and go to the mountains. Like prophets of old, we can go to the tops of our mountains and connect to our Heavenly Father in sacred pondering and prayer.


We can study. Whether we are recently returned missionaries or missionaries in reassignment limbo we can all study the scriptures. Studying isn’t a chore it’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to refocus our efforts and point ourselves to Christ. It doesn’t have to be all of the chapters in a book; it can even be studying a single topic or verse. As we immerse ourselves in the scriptures of the restored gospel that light and power will enter into all aspects of our lives. 


We can be happy. It doesn’t require a name badge to be happy. As disciples of Christ we can always find joy. That joy comes in the little and big things. An opportunity to smile is powerful and we can share that with those around us. 


There is a lot that we can do.